Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and nurture each student's writing fluency and social competency through customized classroom workshops. Kids Write Now offers students a creative and sensitive environment where they can enhance their writing skills, stretch their imaginations and explore social issues without judgment.

Kids Write Now

Kids Write Now is an innovative approach to writing and character building education. Writers and veteran broadcast journalists Liz White and Jennifer Sabin bring their professional expertise to the classroom, encouraging kids to think, write and talk about the social conflicts and ethical dilemmas they encounter.

Each Kids Write Now workshop begins with the presentation of original, realistic fiction written in the first person voice of a child. Stories are customized to meet the needs of 5th-8th grade learning communities, addressing a wide range of topics including:

In each story, the main character faces a challenging situation. The story stops at a critical juncture when the character must make a difficult decision. The students then assume the first person voice of the main character, who may be a victim, perpetrator or bystander to an event. Students write the story's ending and, in the process, make thoughtful decisions on behalf of the character.

The students are then invited to share their endings with the class and any personal experience they have with the themes in each story. The class becomes a forum for lively discussion on a variety of topics of concern to the students and their wider communities.

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