How We Work

Liz and Jen consult with teachers, administrators and students to determine which subjects are relevant in their schools. Stories are often custom written to reflect the social climate, educational curriculum and learning styles within a particular classroom. Liz and Jen have even created stories to resonate with students studying Greek Mythology. And they have written scripts for classes interested in theater. They also draw from a pool of proven "stock" stories on a variety of themes.

Workshops begin with Liz and Jen each reading a story, one in the voice of a boy, one in the voice of a girl. When the stories come to a critical point for the main character, the reading stops and students are asked to write the ending of one of the stories. Prompts are given on technical aspects of writing and on story themes.

Students spend 20-25 minutes writing their conclusions to the story of their choice. They are then invited to read these endings to the class. Their endings and the story themes generate feedback on writing technique and insight on social issues. The workshops end with thought provoking and revealing discussion.


Kids Write Now bridges writing fluency and social competency. Our programs support literacy and character building programs already in place in many schools by:

Participating Schools

Kids Write Now has conducted workshops at the following schools:

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